Myles Noland Commercial Reel

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Myles Noland Comedy Reel

Order of videos 1. Second City Hollywood Commercial – Cut by Myles Noland into a :30 spot from a pre-cut 4:00 piece. 2. Ford Mustang Commercial – Edited by Myles Noland 3. Military Alarm Clock Sketch – Written, directed, and edited by Myles Noland 4. Rob Riggle Semper Fi Fund – Shot and edited by Myles Noland


Walgreens Commercial

Edited by Myles Noland.


Rob Riggle Promo

Produced, shot and edited by Myles Noland.


Ford F-150 Jaime Camil

Cut down from a :30 to a :15 spot. :15 Edited by Myles Noland


Nestle: Corporate Manifesto

Literally made from nothing. This “Rip-o-Matic” demonstrates my ability to create cohesive story with only an idea.


Ford Mustang Spec

Edited by Myles Noland.


Honda: Foreman Rubicon

Edited by Myles Noland.


Carnation Breakfast Essentials

Holly Robinson Peete, the spokes person for Carnation Breakfast Essentials, gives advice to mothers. This was a digital campaign for Carnation Breakfast Essentials. Shot and Edited by Myles Noland.


Honda: Gold Wing

Edited by Myles Noland. On set consulting,


Honda: Butts on Bikes

Edited by Myles Noland. On set consulting.


Dole: Already Perfect

Edited by Myles Noland